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Schweißableitendes, kurzes Oberteil mit Polokragen

Schweißableitendes, kurzes Oberteil mit Polokragen

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Werten Sie Ihre Freizeitkleidung mit unserem schweißableitenden, kurzen Oberteil mit Polokragen auf! Dieses stilvolle und funktionelle Kurztop hält Sie bei jeder Aktivität kühl und trocken und ist somit die perfekte Ergänzung Ihrer Garderobe. Bleiben Sie den ganzen Tag bequem und stilvoll!


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How to choose sports bras' fit

• Low-Impact Sports Bras

Wear your low-impact sports bra on light workouts like walking, yoga and strength training. This style is designed to be light weight and relies on narrower straps and bands. Low-impact sports bras tend to come in a pull-on style, and is most ideal for cup sizes A to B.

• Medium-Impact Sports Bras

The medium impact sports bras offer a better level of support for a wider range of higher impact workouts. These will tend to come with wider brands and straps and range from pullover to hook styles to help keep you comfortably compressed. We recommend our medium-impact range for activities like spinning, power walking, hiking or elliptical training.

• High-Impact Sports Bras

For everything from running to HIIT workouts, high-impact sports bra provides the highest level of support. Their design tends to feature wide brands and shoulder straps which can be fitted to your body. For bigger breasts, we recommend wearing high-impact bras for most movement to keep everything in place.

3 FAQs of Choosing Leggings

1. Should I size up or down for leggings?

Your body type will have an important influence. To ensure that your leggings fit comfortably and don't accentuate your curves too much if you have a curvier frame, size bigger. You might want to size down so they aren't as baggy, though, if you're more slim.

2. Are leggings supposed to fit tight?

It should be comfortable around your thighs, calves, and butt without being overly constricting. No matter how strenuous your workout, the perfect pair of leggings will move with you and fit snugly enough against your skin to avoid chafing.

3. Does legging size matter?

All ANJE REBEL Leggings are designed to be 100% opaque. Leggings are too small if you can see through the fabric when you put them on. It will be more comfortable and keep you from wearing through the fabric too quickly if you get a size up. 

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