Women are Born Sisters

I always say a woman alone has power; collectively we have impact. Traditionally we have been taught to be competitive with one another, because there was such a scarcity of jobs at the top. It’s so clear that strategy doesn’t work. The truth is that raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration is truly how we’ll change the equation - and have a lot more fun along the way.

We discovered two things in our community since 2015:
  1. There is power in the pack.
  2. You realize your strengths make the table better.

Today we’ve connected more than 17,500 corporate women and female entrepreneurs, and evolved our club to The ANJE NATION (August 2021), where women are still the majority, but men feel welcome and comfortable.

We need to reverse the stereotype that women don’t support other women. There is research that shows women in particular benefit from collaboration over competition.  Study after study shows women who support women are more successful in business.

Women who also have an inner circle of close female contacts are more likely to land executive positions with greater authority and higher pay, while there was no link found for the success of men in terms of the gender composition of their inner circles.

The reason? Women trying to rise up into leadership face cultural and systemic hurdles that make it harder for them to advance, such as unconscious bias. The study suggests that a way to overcome some of these hurdles is to form close connections with other women, who can share experiences from women who have been there, done that - from how to ask for what you’re worth to bringing your unique talents to leadership.

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